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Zidane’s statement on a future at Juventus Turin

Former Juventus Turin player, Zidane ensures that the Turin club has an important place in his heart but that he is focused on Real.

Underestimated and yet still so decisive. No, we are not talking about Toni Kroos or another Real Madrid player but their coach, Zinedine Zidane. Despite four Champions League to his counter, the French is still difficult to classify among the European gratin.

Returned to the Madrid club two years ago after a season of rest, the French coach is not as attractive as during his first visit. Often questioned since his return, Zidane is announced on the edge of the precipice but each time manages to get out. Certainly the mark of the greats but that is not enough to silence the rumors about its future.

Under contract until 2022 with Casa Blanca, the former leader of the France team is often questioned about his future projects. True to himself, he prefers to play the card of the present moment and thus sow doubt.

Author of a real feat, Tuesday night against Liverpool, Real Madrid has proven that it remains a club capable of surpassing itself as soon as the good European days strike. Like its coach, the Madrid club is not one of the favorites when launching the European campaign but is always there when needed.

However, despite this feat, Zinedine Zidane was still questioned about his future as Real walked on the 2019 European champion. Present on Sky Italia’s antennas, “Zizou” was able to discuss with his former teammate Alessandro Del Piero, true legend of Juventus Turin.

The latter took the opportunity to tell him about the Old Lady and a possible arrival in Piedmont in the future. Andrea Pirlo is in the hot seat as Juve lose their Serie A title and were knocked out in the Champions League round of 16 against Porto. It did not take more to see the name of Zidane associated with his former club.

“It’s always in my heart, Juventus has always been important to me, I spent five years in Turin. Will I come back to Italy as a coach in the future? I don’t know, for now I’m here. We’ll see. “

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