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Zidane responds to Mbappé on criticism of the stars

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane did not escape a question about Kylian Mbappé’s future this Friday in front of the media. The words of the French international about the criticisms he sometimes suffered in France in more difficult times have not gone unnoticed in Spain.

Present this Friday at a press conference before the reception of Eibar this Saturday as part of the 29th day of La Liga, the Madrid coach commented on the words of the world champion but did not seek to create a controversy about ‘possible interest from Real Madrid. When it comes to criticism, the stronger you are, the more you will be criticized. For every player, even if he has had a reaction, there will always be criticism. When he does something good, wonderful things are said about him. It’s like that for all players. Here we know it wellZidane told the media.

Mbappé’s statement after the match in Bosnia: Of course it gets tired, especially when you play in a club in your country, that you give everything for your national team. After a while it gets tired but it’s different than for the players who play abroad and come back for the national team. I am there all the time. Of course it speaks a lot more. It’s a different context, but I knew when I signed in Paris that I was going to be in that context. Later we shall see. Of course it plays, but it’s not just that. The most important thing is to feel good where you are and to have fun every day. If I had advanced, I would have come to talk about it already. Of course when I have made up my mind, I will come and talk about it.

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