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“Zidane is like my big brother”

Faced with the indecision that reigns around Zidane’s future, Benzema has praised the one he sees more than as a coach.

Will stay ? Will not stay? The question was already raised throughout the season but with the outcome of La Liga last weekend and the title obtained by Atlético Madrid, Zinedine Zidane’s future at Real Madrid has necessarily taken on a little more importance. .

If Spain is still wondering why Luis Enrique has not selected Sergio Ramos or any Madrilenian for the Euro, behind the scenes, discussions continue to define the contours of Real version 2021-22. With Zidane at the helm? At the end of the contract in June 2022, the French technician has often been questioned this season and despite a burst of pride the club ended up without a trophy.

In addition to being touched by some criticism, ZZ is said to feel washed out by all the pressure surrounding the club from his heart. What to set sail or simply take a break as he had already done during his first visit to the Madrid bench? Asked about the question, Karim Benzema assures us that he does not see his compatriot leaving.

“Zizou, with me, has always been sincere, entrusts the striker to L’Equipe. Close and very sincere. When it’s okay, he tells me, but when it’s not okay, he tells me too! Always, in training, in match, it does not go through four paths. That’s why I respect him a lot, he’s always very direct with me. “

“He’s my trainer, but he’s like my big brother. He’s always supported me, whether I’m good or not, and he’s been constantly improving me every year.”

“So far he’s been a Real coach, right? I don’t see him leaving. He’s not going to leave, you’ll see. If he leaves, he leaves … But for now, I don’t see the Real without Zidane. “

No way for Benzema to see Zinedine Zidane leave. For the French striker, he remains the man for the job, the man in the Champions League four. Could a departure from the Ballon d’Or 98 call into question the future of Benzema within Real Madrid?

Rumors point to a return to OL to close the loop but it is clearly not in the current plans of the native of Bron while a contract extension is in the pipes in the Spanish capital.

“Considering where I play today, and where I place my goals … In Lyon, I would like what I have already done there to stay forever. For now, come back, no. Not. for the moment. I play for Real Madrid, that’s it, it’s different. “

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