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“You can’t be half in or half out” – Infantino backs UEFA against Super League

Gianni Infantino has once again expressed his opposition to the creation of a separatist competition in Europe involving elite clubs.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has warned the 12 teams involved in the Super League’s separation plans to expect “consequences” for their actions, with members of the European elite saying they ” could not be half in or half out “. After many years of guesswork, proposals have been formulated for the creation of a new continental tournament that will offer a “closed league” to those at the top of the football food chain.

UEFA, Ceferin bangs his fist on the Super League table

Opposition to teams that signed up to become founding members has continued to grow as their actions are called into question in all areas and severe penalties are planned for all teams that take matters into their own hands. FIFA has already spoken out against the Super League plan, and Infantino added to the UEFA Congress: “At FIFA, we can only strongly disapprove of the creation of a Super League which is a closed workshop, which is a break with the current institutions, leagues, associations, UEFA and FIFA “.

“I will be extremely clear. FIFA was built on the true values ​​of sport. The statutes define the perimeter of FIFA and UEFA. One can only strongly disapprove of the creation of the Super League. outside the system. There is a lot to throw away for perhaps short-term financial gain for some. People have to think very carefully. They have to think hard and take responsibility. Concretely, it means that you are present or that you are absent You cannot be half in or half out“, added the FIFA president.

World football’s governing body said in a statement released shortly after that Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan have revealed their Super League intentions. FIFA would like to make it clear that it is strongly in favor of solidarity in football and a fair redistribution model that can help develop football as a sport, especially at the global level, as the development of football global is FIFA’s core mission.

Ceferin: “Gentlemen, you made a huge mistake”

Super League Liverpool Real Madrid Juventus blog

“In our opinion, and in accordance with our statutes, any football competition, whether national, regional or global, should always reflect the fundamental principles of solidarity, inclusion, integrity and fair financial redistribution. , football governing bodies should use all legal, sporting and diplomatic means to ensure that this remains the case. In this context, FIFA can only express its disapproval to a ‘closed European separatist league’ outside the international football structures and not respecting the aforementioned principles “, said the FIFA president.

“FIFA always stands for unity in world football and calls on all parties involved in lively discussions to engage in a calm, constructive and balanced dialogue for the good of football and in a spirit of solidarity and fair play . all that is necessary to contribute to a harmonized way forward in the general interest of football, “added Gianni Infantino. Players past and present, supporters and sports organizations around the world have quickly condemned the actions of teams accused of acting in their own interests.

Super League participants risk immediate exclusion from C1

UEFA was at the center of the talks, with European football governing body chairman Aleksander Ceferin giving no punches in his assessment of those involved. He has promised to ensure that any player participating in the Super League will be banned from representing their respective country, while no places will be found for associated teams in national or continental events. Ceferin has called the main people behind the Super League’s proposal “snakes” and still hopes to see ill-advised plans torn apart as serious setbacks occur.

He added to the UEFA Congress: “Gentlemen, you made a huge mistake. Some will say it is greed, others contempt, arrogance … there is still time to change your mind. All…

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