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Wijnaldum returns the knife in Barça’s wound

Present at a press conference with the Netherlands, the Dutchman reconsidered his choice to join PSG.

Why did Gini Wijnaldum turn around and turn his back on Barça at the last moment? Present at a press conference with the Netherlands, the Batavian midfielder explained his choice to snub Barça for PSG, explaining his choice to opt for French training despite Barcelona’s advance in this matter. “It was a difficult choice. We negotiated with Barcelona for four weeks, but we did not come to an agreement. PSG were just faster and their project spoke to me more. To be honest, I was thinking of joining Barça because at the beginning they were the only club interested. “

Wijnaldum explains his choice

Wijnaldum especially wanted to take care of his future before the Euro and then focus on the tournament. “PSG and Barcelona are both very big clubs, and both are clubs you would want to play for. I wanted to do it before the start of the Euro and I finally chose PSG. My message to the fans is that I am happy to join your club, I am happy to come and play for you and I promise that as long as I play for Paris Saint-Germain I will give everything I have, I will do my best. better every day i will train hard and try to improve as a player and hope with crossing my fingers we can bring you a lot of titles and hope I can help the team to bring them to the fans ”.

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