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Wijnaldum, ambitious and already in love with Paris

Arrived in France this Thursday, Georginio Wijnaldum gave his first impressions in an interview broadcast by Paris Saint-Germain.

His smile has never left him since he set foot on French soil. Georginio Wijnaldum, three lungs and a lot of talent to spare, has the same spirit on the pitch as off. With a laughing eye and a thumbs up, the Dutch midfielder had a sweet day for his arrival in the capital. We saw him take care to answer a few supporters who had come to venture into the Factory, before expressing his pride in representing Paris at the microphone of PSGTV. Extracts.

“A magnificent city and incredible supporters”

It’s a strong feeling, I join a great club, which has great players in its workforce, he was immediately enthusiastic. Paris is a beautiful city, with incredible supporters, I know that because I have already played against Paris here at the Parc des Princes. It’s a big day for me and for my family, because we are starting a new adventure “.

How Pochettino tipped the scales

At the end of his contract at Liverpool, Georginio Wijnaldum – call him Gini – also explained why he had opted for PSG rather than Barça of his compatriot Ronald Koeman. The Dutch technician had it drive among the Oranje, but Mauricio Pochettino had a few cards in hand, too. “ I was at the end of my contract, and several clubs contacted me. When Paris came to meet me, everything went very well, and I quickly wanted to join Paris Saint-Germain. Mauricio Pochettino had already approached me at the time, to sign me for Tottenham, so I had already spoken with him a lot.. The whole club made me feel they really wanted me, it played a lot in my decision “.

A winner not satisfied

Seduced by the prospect of enrolling in an attacking game project, the new all-rounder of PSG is made of the same wood as the other XXL recruits of the summer (Ramos, Hakimi and Donnarumma): Paris attracts a winner not full. “ I have shown in the clubs that I have been through that I am a player who wants to win. I have this mentality of always wanting to do better, to learn from my teammates and my coaches. I will try to bring this mentality to the team, and integrate myself into the workforce as quickly as possible. “.

Of course, the conquest of Europe occupies all heads and Wijnaldum is no exception to the rule – ” we build a team to fulfill these goals “- but the 2019 European champion is rubbing his hands at the idea of ​​evolving in a well-stocked Park. ” When I played here in the Champions League with Liverpool (in the fall of 2018, editor’s note), I was very impressed“. With his qualities, his versatility and his global approach to the profession, it is now Wijnaldum who has everything to impress the Parisian public.

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