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Where will Sergio Ramos play? Bale sells the wick

Gareth Bale has revealed where his former teammate Sergio Ramos will play from next season.

For ten days, Sergio Ramos has been a free player. The experienced Spanish full-back left Real Madrid where he had played for 16 years. We therefore know that he will no longer wear the merengue tunic, but the mystery remains total concerning his future destination.. Rumors announce him leaving for PSG, while others hint at his future in England with supposed touches with the two Manchester clubs.

“I know where Sergio Ramos will play! “

Ramos is the only one who can definitively remove the doubt about his future. At least that’s what we thought. It seems Gareth Bale is also aware of where the Andalusian is going to perform in 2021/2022. At a press conference on Tuesday, the Welsh southpaw revealed a “scoop” about the one with whom he played for six years (between 2013 and 2019).

“I know where he will play next season,” he told reporters with a smile on his face. The latter then asked him to share the secret with them. To which the Welsh attacking midfielder replied: “In defense! “. It was then, and as one might expect, the general laughter in the room. With this joke, we can see that Bale hasn’t lost any of his sense of humor.

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