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When Totti refused Real Madrid …

Francesco Totti returned to the English press the day he turned down Real Madrid.

Francesco Totti’s story at Roma is one of the most touching in football history. The Italian has spent his entire career at the club from his childhood, sacrificing the opportunity to win everything at Real Madrid.

The number 10, arguably one of the most talented players of his generation, won a Serie A title and a World Cup during his career, but he could have won a lot more at club if he had wanted to leave the Eternal city.

Although many clubs have expressed interest in him during his career, the only time he seriously considered leaving was in 2006, when Real Madrid made a generous offer to him, when he had 29 years.

“Of course I thought about it,” Totti told The Guardian. “Let’s say there are quite a few days when we had one foot in and one foot out. Then I said, often and sincerely, that the choice to stay with Roma was made with the heart. times, when you feel like that, you can’t go.

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“But certainly, looking back, thinking about saying no to Real Madrid, a little doubt remains.

“Real Madrid were the only other team I could have played for. The only team I could have chosen, I think. An experience in a different country could have been something beautiful for everyone. For everyone. my family. For me. “

“When you make a choice with your own head, it can never be a bad choice. Don’t you think so?”

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