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When Meunier laughs at Hazard’s injuries …

After causing the injury to Eden Hazard which sent the Madrilenian into a negative spiral, Thomas Meunier jokes on the subject.

Thomas Meunier, the Borussia Dortmund side formerly at PSG, responded to all those who accuse him of having caused all the evils of Eden Hazard, his Belgian compatriot.

The Real Madrid winger has not been the same since suffering a sole from the defender during a game between the Madrid club and Paris in the Champions League group stage.

Often injured and operated on several times, Hazard has never regained his football from this large sole. But not only Meunier is not responsible for the problems of the former Lille, but in addition, he finds something to have fun. This is certainly something to cringe a few teeth on the side of Real supporters …

“I put a big tackle on Eden again”

“Yes that’s it, I went to training in Madrid last week and I still put a big tackle on Eden …”, mocked the defender of BvB in remarks relayed by RTBF.

Thomas Meunier took the opportunity to announce that he was distancing himself from social networks. “In fact, I was spending too much time on social networks,” the defender told RTBF. “Insta, Twitter, I was on it all the time, to be on top of everything. In reality it was counterproductive. Even in training, I would take my phone, at my workplace to watch and I would am said, there you exaggerate… “, he indicated.

Despite the hate messages, Meunier was not affected so far. “I don’t care, the people who talk… I don’t know them, they don’t know me: the matter is settled. But I was actually losing track. I sat down on the bench, I took my” tel “, I reply to a message I have for a minute but in reality when you watch it has been 20 minutes that you are on it. So I stopped following people. So I am no longer nobody, like that, I have no images in my feed. So now when I go to Insta or twitter, I have nothing more to watch so it lasts 30 seconds and I repack it in my locker. It was just for the sake of professionalism in fact, “added Borussia Dortmund right-back.

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