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Vidal appeals to OM

The Chilean midfielder would be seduced by the idea of ​​joining OM according to the comments he made to a media in his country.

Arturo Vidal has just signed a great season in Italy which was punctuated by the conquest of Scudetto. However, it is not sure that the Chilean international will continue his journey with Inter Milan.. The Lombard club does not count on him too much, and he would not look so negatively on an experience elsewhere and in a championship that he has not yet experienced.

He wants to work again with Sampaoli

Recently, the two-time Copa America winner gave an interview to TNT Sports and in this interview he showed all the good he thinks about Jorge Sampaoli, his former coach in La Roja. Words in which he highlights the excellent work of the current Marseille coach and also the very good relationship he had with him.. With his statements, Vidal suggests that he is perfectly open to a new collaboration with the Argentine coach. And this can only be done on the side of Marseille, especially since there is a real interest of the Marseille club in him.

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