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Unbelievable ! Longoria learned the trade from video games

The president of OM has just revealed that it is through video games that he learned about the management of a club.

Those who questioned the secret of Pablo Longoria’s precocity as a manager of a football club have their answer. If the Spaniard is also gifted in his field, it is because he began very early to familiarize himself with the various tricks of the profession. And he did it by multiplying the hours on video games at a young age.

In an interview with El Pais Deportes, the strong man of OM admitted that it was in front of his console (or his PC), in the mid-90s, that he developed a passion for football and all the vagaries of this game “My generation has spent hours and hours playing PC Soccer and trying to figure out how to build a team, how to sign and how to sell players,” he said.

Longoria was a Calcio addict

Jacques-Henri Eyraud’s successor then admitted that he had more of a penchant for the Italian championship, rather than for French: “I liked playing PC Calcio. And at the age of 5, I knew all the Italian football teams and all their mechanisms. This passion I had for Italian football allowed me to orient my career towards something international ”.

Obviously, after having had a good time during his childhood, Longoria supplemented his knowledge with the studies and the experience stored in the many clubs where he has been. But, he remains convinced that it is in the data that lies the key to success as a club leader. “I attach great importance to the data but subordinating it to the sensitivity of traditional spotting, in particular the adaptation of the player you are looking for to an idea of ​​the game,” he concluded.

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