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Tuchel’s favorite for a great striker

Looking for a goalscorer for next season, the Chelsea manager has expressed his admiration for Harry Kane.

Harry Kane is in the process of leaving Tottenham. After staying there for eight years, the English international striker intends to take up a new challenge within a club where he is able to fulfill his trophy ambitions. His name has been mentioned in recent days at Manchester City to replace Sergio Aguero, but he may eventually continue his journey in London. The Chelsea Blues would be happy to welcome him.

“Who wouldn’t want to have Kane on their team?” “

Thomas Tuchel, who is desperate to get his hands on a quality goalscorer for next season, is a huge fan of the Three Lions captain. And he did not fail to make it clear during his last media release. “If you find a coach in the world who wouldn’t like to have Harry Kane on their team, let me know. I would like to talk with the guy and hear him talk about his ideas for scoring and attacking, ”he quipped.

“Everyone loves Harry Kane but let’s be very, very clear; he’s a Tottenham player. He has a long-term contract and we will not be involved in a press conference with disrespectful comments about it, ”added the former Paris coach. As a reminder, with 165 goals to his credit, Kane is currently the second best active director in the Premier League behind Aguero.

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