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Tuchel, Guardiola and the reactions after Manchester City – Chelsea (0-1)

Chelsea conquered the C1 this Saturday in Porto. Naturally, after the match, the happiness of the Blues contrasted with the dismay of the Sky Blues.

Chelsea went for their second Champions League this Saturday, dominating Manchester City in the final (1-0). Thanks to a goal from Kai Havertz, the Blues beat the odds in this game. At the final whistle, the Londoners let their happiness explode, while the Sky Blues obviously experienced great sadness.

Pep Guardiola (Manchester City manager on RMC Sport):
“It was an exceptional season for us. We lost, but we will come back. We created chances at the start, it was a good game but well done to Chelsea. What did we miss? The players gave everything, they wanted to win, they performed well. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose and that’s the way it is. Unfortunately, we failed to realize our chances. “

Cézar Azpilicueta (Chelsea defender on RMC Sport)
“It’s beautiful. It’s a lot of emotions. We made history and I’m very happy. Everyone works in this team and we deserve.”

Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea coach on RMC Sport)
“Yes, this is the most important game. An exceptional finish. We won, it’s incredible. Yes, I am very proud. I have a lot of confidence in this club and in this group, which is very strong. We knew we weren’t favorites, but we’re all together. We beat them in the league and in the Cup, and we did it a third time. We wanted to have a little more possession, it was difficult at the beginning. Towards the end of the 1st mt it was better. We created a few attacks. And in the 2nd period it was a fight. “

Olivier Giroud (Chelsea forward on RMC Sport):
“It’s extraordinary, we did a comparable course. We released very large. Tonight, we played against a great city team. It didn’t play out much. What does that do to me? It’s a childhood dream. I had the chance to score a few goals this year. Frankly, it’s a huge source of pride. I would like to take advantage of every moment, because these moments are so rare. I am proud for my family, my loved ones and those who have supported me. It’s a treat, especially when there are fans in the stadiums. What is missing now? The Euro is missing. I hope we will have a great competition this summer. We have all the weapons for. I can not wait to be there. Kanté man of the match? This is normal, it is huge. “

Kai Havertz (Chelsea midfielder on BT Sport)
“I don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to say. I’ve waited a long time. Now I want to thank my family, my parents, my grandmother and my girlfriend. I don’t know what to say. J ‘ve waited 15 years for this moment and now it is here. “

Edouard Mendy (Chelsea goalkeeper on RMC Sport):
“It’s quite exceptional. I feel like I’m living a daydream. But I gave myself the means to experience these kinds of emotions. Today, I take this as a reward, along with all those who suffered with me. For my first year, I am proud to win this trophy, the largest on the continent. For a footballer, the Champions League at the club is the pinnacle. “

N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea midfielder on RMC Sport):
” It’s incredible. It is the result of a lot of effort and difficulties during the season. Man of the match? It’s secondary. The main thing is what we did. We fought until the end and there is the reward. We savor, that’s all. The Euro is soon, and we hope to win it too. How can we explain our comeback? The arrival of a new coach, the tactical work and today is the accomplishment of a whole season. “

Thiago Silva (Chelsea defender on RMC Sport):
” It’s incredible. It is the most important moment of my career. It’s unforgettable. I am really very happy. To have this Cup is huge. My injury? A lot of things have happened in my head. Getting out of the game very early was difficult for me. But at this level, we cannot be at 70%. But I’m happy because the team remained calm and defended well. We suffered, but we did it well. In the end, we are rewarded for everything we have done. It’s special, especially compared to the pressure we had in Paris to win it. Whenever Paris was eliminated, people wanted to find a culprit and it was me all the time. Too bad. I hope Paris will get there one day, because I left a lot of friends there. And I will always stay red and blue. “

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