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Todibo “prefers Sedan to Barça”

OGC Nice defender Jean-Clair Todibo believes he has lost time at FC Barcelona.

Jean-Clair Todibo has distinguished himself since last January in the jersey of OGC Nice. The young French central defender is recovering there after complicated periods at Barça and Schalke 04.

Todibo still belongs to Barcelona. The ex-Toulousain does not seem to be in a great hurry to return to Catalonia. He would even have preferred never to go, if we are to believe the words he made in an interview with L’Equipe. “It sucks to go to Barcelona and not play. I would rather wear the Sedan shirt and play rather than go to Barcelona and not play. You are already receiving less criticism in Sedan… ”, he confided.

If he does not have excellent memories of his time at the Blaugrana, Todibo also admits that he may not have made every effort to win: “The presentation in Barcelona is madness, but I only played five games, it’s bogus in real life. I won a La Liga (in 2019), but I didn’t help the team, I played when we had won the title! Quiet, there is better to do I think… ”.

“At Schalke 04, I took myself for I don’t know who”

It is not only in Barcelona that Todibo is disappointed. At Schalke 04, his previous club, he was not much more comfortable. There, too, he admits to not having been very serious and invested on a daily basis: “(There was) A lack of humility, seriousness, professionalism I took myself for I don’t know who”.

The neo-Aiglon has therefore missed some important steps in his career, but he now ensures that he is doing everything to make up for lost time: “I do my best, not so that people say that I have changed, but because it makes me feel good. You must not pay attention to the judgment of others in football, otherwise you quickly fall into depression. Ma questioning is personal “.

Note that Todibo has already played more with OGC Nice (730 minutes in all competitions) than with Barcelona (325), Schalke 04 (497) and Benfica (160).

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