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This world star who becomes his own agent

Who still needs agents in football? Not Raheem Sterling, that’s for sure.

While the famous agent Mino Raiola demands the trifle of ten million euros just to agree to sell Erling Haaland to Barça (as well as ten million for the player’s father), some players want to become independent and thus free themselves from bulky agents. This is the case of Raheem Sterling, who follows in the footsteps of his Manchester City teammate Kevin de Bruyne in this very unusual approach..

Sterling creates his own agency

The Belgian midfielder had recently negotiated its lease extension with City (until 2025) using only two lawyers for legal proceedings. Sterling went further, he who created his own agency, 16ninetytwo Sports Management Limited, of which his mother Nadine Clarke is the sole manager. A subtlety used to circumvent the rules of the English league, which prohibits PL players from intervening as an intermediary and from receiving an amount linked to the outcome of negotiations. Towards the end of agents in football?

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