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This Real Madrid player who admits his difficult season

Real Madrid have signed a white season and this player admits having struggled.

The Real winger spoke out after learning he was not on the list to play the Euro with Spain. This is the first full season for the Spaniard after the serious knee injury he suffered in the summer of 2019, one that kept him from playing for nine months.

And the merengue player took the time to explain his feelings to the fans while thanking them for their continued support. Via his social media accounts, he reflected on what the season has meant for him.

“It was a difficult season, during which, despite the obstacles, we made a great team effort, fighting to win until the end. For me, personally, it was a year of great learning, overcoming the pain and the situations that made me much stronger and helped me grow as a player. “

“Now is the time to stop and face next season with all the strength in the world to give the best of myself. Thank you Madridistas for your support. Next season will be easier with you closer to us. #HalaMadrid »

Real supporters are hoping their hero can have another relatively injury-free season and deliver all the potential he has already shown in spurts.

Asensio is now going on vacation, but he has yet another goal in mind: a trip to the Tokyo Olympics to play a leading role. He is among the over-24s to be vaccinated, although that still does not guarantee him a place as De la Fuente has to choose the three senior players from a group of around eight shortlisted.

The Spaniard will take a few weeks of downtime to disconnect and then start working on his fitness with a view to being on the list De la Fuente will share on June 30.

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