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This PSG star trolled for 20 euros

A PSG star was mocked by a supporter with a 20 euro ticket to Euro 2020.

Excellent against Belgium (2-1) in the quarter-finals of the Euro, Italy’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who signed up to PSG by signing a huge contract. Tasted for his greed in his country and Nicknamed “Dollarumma” by Milan supporters, the talented neo-Parisian was “trolled in good” and due form during the match against the Belgians.

Chambered a fan of the Squadra Azzurra presenting him with a 20 euro bill during the warm-up before the shock, Donnarumma took it well, reacting with a smile and then lived up to the € 60million contract that awaits him in Paris on the pitch. As a reminder, the one which emitted to 6 million euros in Lombardy negotiated income doubled, and this for five seasons, in the French capital. 20 euros more or less …

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