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This great star that Mourinho dreams of at Roma

José Mourinho would have the crazy idea of ​​bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to his new club Roma.

José Mourinho is thinking big for AS Roma, his new club. Very large even. Despite limited financial means, the new boss of La Louve plans to afford some prestigious reinforcements. He even took it into his head to enlist Cristiano Ronaldo, according to information revealed by The Gazzetta dello Sport.

Crazy idea? Not entirely

The Special One has already taken the trouble to contact his compatriot. First to congratulate him on his season and the title of Serie A top scorer and also to inquire about his intentions for the future. He hopes to convince him that a stay at the Olimpico could be beneficial to him. From an economic point of view, and assuming he keeps a living wage, Ronaldo has reason to be tempted by this challenge because he will continue to benefit from the advantages of Italian taxation.

As a reminder, Mourinho and Ronaldo have already worked together. It was between 2013 and 2016 on the side of Madrid and their cohabitation did not go very well. Since then, water has visibly flowed under the bridges.

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