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Things heat up for Leonardo, the annoyed Qatar

The sports director of PSG has a lot of concern to be done according to an indiscretion of the Parisian.

Sébastien Nieto, journalist for Parisian, does not exactly predict a bright future for Leonardo. For the PSG specialist, the Brazilian sporting director has concerns for several reasons. Thus, according to the indiscretion of the regional daily, the Ile-de-France locker room would be disappointed by Leonardo’s attitude., in particular concerning the Sergio Ramos case.

“Doha tightens around Leonardo”

“In their discussion group, some members of the Parisian locker room are moved by Leonardo’s choices, such as the possibility Sergio Ramos. And the tensions with Leonardo echo as far as Qatar. Several leaders in Doha are tensing up around the Brazilian’s record, ”we read in the columns of the newspaper. But it is above all the Mbappé file that pisses Doha off, especially one year before the World Cup in Qatar.

“Discussions must take place between PSG and Camp Mbappé. This should last several months because you do not settle such a case in a snap. Especially since Leonardo and the entourage of the attacker, the lawyer Me Delphine Verheyden and the parents Fayza and Wilfrid, today have a complicated dialogue, even nonexistent. The arrival of a new sports director could also change everything“, Warns Nieto. For Leonardo, it smells like suffers…

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