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The Pochettino bomb, Leonardo caught off guard

Mauriccio Pochettino would be close to a departure from PSG to return to Spurs!

A few days ago, an English rumor evoking a return of Mauricio Pochettino to Tottenham emerged across the Channel. Pursued by his ex, the Argentine coach would have decided to respond to his messages, while like Thomas Tuchel before him, his relationship with Leonardo would be difficult. The mode of governance of PSG would not please the Argentine technician at all.

A rumor that takes consistency

After initial rumors of rather unserious British publications The Independent and The Sun, The Athletic, a very credible medium, enters the dance. The English-speaking media say that on the London leadership side, the prospect of bringing back a manager who is much appreciated by the supporters is very attractive, especially after the Mourinho purge. Such a scenario would put Leonardo in a complicated situation and weaken the Brazilian leader, who was quick to get rid of a Thomas Tuchel now in the Champions League final with Chelsea, in order to append Mauricio Pochettino. Towards a summer trainers waltz?

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