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The new Zidane ends up in CFA!

While he was predestined to follow in Zidane’s footsteps, Marvin Martin should end his career in the French 4th division.

About ten years ago, he offered himself a double in selection for his first cape and in just 14 minutes of play. Today, he finds himself in the 4th echelon of French football, to end his career in anonymity on more total. Such is the sad fate of Marvin Martin, the one we have however dared to designate as the new Zidane. A heavy label to wear and from which he was not the only one to suffer. The Meriem, Meghni, Gourcuff are also part of this cursed club.

He will have Boudjellal as president

According to Mohamed Toubache-Ter, Martin is therefore committed to a National2 club (ex-CFA). This is the Hyères FC team. A club chaired by a certain Mourad Boudjellal, and whose trainer is Lilian Compan. The ex-Sochalien will try to leave a nice mark there. In any case, it will be difficult for him to do worse than in his previous Chambly club, where he has not scored any goals in two seasons.

During his career, Martin has also played at LOSC, Dijon and Stade de Reims. He took part in 7 Champions League matches with the Mastiffs. His journey with the Blues stopped after only a year, but with an honorable total of 15 capes.

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