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The improbable gift promised by Al-Khelaifi to Neymar

Before he obtained his agreement in 2017, the president of PSG was ready for all the follies to attract Neymar to his club.

Since 2017, Neymar has been enjoying the heyday of PSG. The Ile-de-France club had obtained his signature by beating the record in terms of transfers. Some could be done that it was done easily for the champions of France, but it is not at all the case. Long negotiations had preceded the deal, and they even lasted for two years.

PSG have pulled out all the stops for Neymar

Interviewed by The team, Wagner Ribeiro, the former agent of the Brazilian star’s team, unveiled some interesting anecdotes about how the first approach between the two parties was carried out. “It started in 2015 with the negotiations for the extension of Lucas Moura, he began by revealing. I told Olivier (Létang, the sports director of PSG until June 2017) that they needed Neymar to complete the dream team. Olivier has visited São Paulo twice. He came to my offices, he met Neymar Senior, visited the Neymar Institute. In the summer of 2016, we met in Ibiza with Neymar, his father, Nasser and Olivier. We met on the top floor of a hotel. We hid, no one was able to take a picture and we talked. Nasser made a magnificent proposition. Neymar was earning € 11m per year at Barça. He offered him € 26 million. Me, I asked for 40 M €! He replied that he was going to study the matter, that he could give him a part in the form of a hotel chain in his name – on which he would have touched a percentage -, that he was going to give him a jet. private to make his trips between Europe and Brazil, and that he would put his name on the Eiffel Tower. It was crazy ! “

Neymar is currently in his fourth season at PSG and for Ribeiro there will necessarily be a fifth: “He lives in a beautiful city, he has a lot of friends and he is very happy in Paris. No club in the world can offer what PSG offers them. Only PSG can afford Neymar. Real Madrid have financial problems. Barça? It’s even worse. In Italy ? No club can compete. Manchester United or Manchester City? I do not believe it. In Paris, he is making a great living and he plays for a very good team. This season, they’re going to win the Champions League, and Neymar will be Ballon d’Or, you’ll see. “

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