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The first words of Peter Bosz at OL

Presented to the press this Sunday, Peter Bosz, the new OL coach, explained his style of play and the reasons why he joined Lyon.

Aulas, on the coming of Bosz

“With Vincent Ponsot and Juninho, we worked well and we are happy to come up with the most effective and important solution, which will allow us to reach the second stage of the rocket. The first was the arrival of Juninho two years ago (…) We were the victims of many refereeing errors. It was played out very little, we made mistakes, we corrected them by bringing in Peter. The Europa League is a goal. ”

Bosz, on his style of play

“I have an offensive and attractive playing philosophy. We play for the supporters and not for ourselves. After that, it depends on the players we are going to play with. I will first train with them. But I like attacking football, intelligent and technical players (…) It’s possible to play offensively and win titles. For that, you need a good organization. The most important thing is defense as soon as the ball is lost, without that you can’t play offensive. For that, you need a very good organization, that we take the time to train.

On his relationship with young people

I am used to working with young people. I have had the experience of working with young people at Ajax Amsterdam, but also in Leverkusen. If they have qualities, I am not afraid to make them play. I know the academy here is important. In Lyon, there are always good young people, so I’m very curious to see what’s going on there. Already today, there are some very good in the team.

On his choice to have joined OL

I am very happy to be there, in a very big club. Of course, when I was a player in France, I already met Lyon, when I coached Ajax as well. It’s a big club, with ‘hot’ supporters. I hope to meet a lot of success there (…) Jwas on vacation and dropped all of my stuff to watch Lyon matches. It’s early to get ahead of what I got from it, but we’re talking to Juninho.

On its relationship with French football

I have already played in Ligue 1 (SC Toulon, 1988-1991). In Germany, we don’t see a lot of French football, but we have seen the level of Lyon and Paris in the Champions League (…) We see French players everywhere. French football is at a very high level. When I look at Lyon, there are always good players, good young people too. “

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