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The agents gorged themselves in 2020!

In 2020, players’ agents have been stuffing themselves. Especially in Serie A with crazy numbers ….

The transfer market brews millions of euros every year, with money flowing not only between clubs, but also players’ agents who receive a commission for handling their transactions.

The market has remained very active despite the economic difficulties resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, with the amount received by agents in 2020 in Serie A reaching 138 million euros.

The data, made public by the Italian Football Federation, shows a slight decrease compared to previous seasons, but the decrease is not that significant.

In 2019, agents received € 187.8million and € 171.5million in 2018. When it comes to team distribution, Juventus spent the most, with € 20.8million.

Roma come in second (€ 19.2m), followed by Milan (€ 14.3m) and Napoli (€ 12m). Inter only spent nine million euros, while Fiorentina spent a little more with 9.7 million euros.

As a reminder, Mino Raiola is convinced his client Erling Haaland would thrive at the highest level and says he could have gone straight to a top team instead of making a stop at Borussia Dortmund. “With Erling Haaland, everyone was wrong. He did things much faster than everyone imagined. Erling Haaland is ahead of his own development,” the famous Italian agent told The Athletic.

“He’s ahead of his own schedule. Maybe I was too careful when I said, ‘Oh no, let’s move on to Dortmund instead of I don’t know where.’ This boy – I’m on 100% convinced and everyone is convinced – can go to any club, where he wants, he is already at this level. And he could have done it last year. But maybe the year last there were still teams saying: ‘Oh he was at Red Bull, can he do it at another club?’, added Mino Raiola

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