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Super League: UEFA suspends proceedings against Real, Barça and Juve

The European body has announced the suspension of the proceedings against the three clubs still present in the Super League.

In a statement released on Wednesday, UEFA announces that it is suspending ” until further notice “ the disciplinary proceedings initiated against Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus, the last three clubs not to have given up participating in the Super League.

UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings on May 25, threatening the three clubs with sanctions for a “Potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework”.

Super League: the project that shook the football planet

This procedure was launched because Real, Barça and Juve refused to leave the Super League and multiplied legal actions to legally validate this new project.

The creation of the Super League was announced on the night of April 18 to 19 by twelve clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona) expressing their desire to join a closed League and no longer play in the Champions League, organized by UEFA.

This project threatened the sporting interest of the European club competitions of UEFA but also the national championships.

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Faced with the outrage and anger of the football world, the English clubs, the two Milanese clubs as well as Atlético de Madrid withdrew from the project in the following days, causing the Super League to be put on hold.

The nine other sanctioned clubs

The nine clubs that quickly left the ship escaped UEFA prosecution in exchange for light financial penalties. They agreed to forgo 5% of their income from UEFA competitions for a season and to pay together 15 million euros for actions for the benefit of children all over Europe.

The English clubs have also entered into a financial agreement with the Premier League to pay a fine of 23 million euros (around 4 million per club). The amount may seem ridiculous but in the event of a repeat offense, the dissident clubs will be sanctioned with a withdrawal of 30 points in the league as well as a fine of 23 million euros each (and no longer to be shared).

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