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Super League: Javier Tebas encourages UEFA to exclude Barca and Real Madrid from Champions League

The La Liga boss has given the green light to UEFA to heavily sanction Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for their involvement in the European Super League project.

Firmly opposed to the Super League project, to which Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin are still affiliated, La Liga president Javier Tebas sent a strong message on Friday. During a conference organized this morning, the boss of the Spanish League confirmed that the Champions League will have to be played without Real, nor Barça, if the two clubs do not withdraw from the Super League.

“My personal opinion is that yes, the Champions League is ready to be played without Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus”, explained Javier Tebas during the meeting of the Club Advisory Platform. “The Champions League has been going well without Manchester United for five years. Milan were also expelled from European competitions and the competition continued to live on. They are not essential in Europe. Of course we would like them to play it, but the facts are the facts and UEFA is going to have to act. I will not dwell on the legal question. What I said is that we, as La Liga, will not defend any Spaniard who would be penalized. The facts have nothing to do with nationality. If UEFA has the legal means to sanction them, Spain’s La Liga will not say anything. He will defend the majority of his clubs, not one or two. “

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