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Super League, Fiorentino Perez responds to his detractors

European football is on the verge of collapse. Last Sunday, the creation of the Super League caused immense turmoil. Indeed, 12 of the biggest clubs in Europe have announced the creation of a closed league which aims to replace the Uefa Champions League. Faced with the outcry it arouses, Fiorentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid and the Super League, wanted to react on the set of El Chiringuito.

A need for change embodied by this Super League

The boss of Real Madrid evokes an imperative to renew himself and to revive the attractiveness of football. “Today, football is losing its interest. Audiences are dropping. TV rights too. Something has to be done. You had to know why young people are less and less interested in football. Because there are a lot of matches, with fewer qualities and have other platforms to take care of, ”he explains.

Fiorentino Pérez also returned to the health context not foreign to the announcement of the creation of the Super League. “Football is going through a very serious situation. Real Madrid lost € 100m last season. 300 M € this season. 5 billion for all football. When you have no income, besides TV rights, the only way to increase them is to make competitive matches, for fans all over the world ”he explains before adding:“ We are announcing it now. to be able to try to launch this format from next season. “

A firm stance towards UEFA

The 74-year-old is brushing aside rumors that participating clubs in the Super League will be kicked out of their respective national leagues. “Someone said that would mean the end of the championships, it’s madness, it’s wrong,” he reassures. The Madrid leader also returned to criticism of the lack of sporting fairness linked to the Super League format.

“The Super League has not been closed as I hear since Sunday, we never thought about it, we believe in sporting merit. Once the money is there, we are united and we distribute, ”he exclaims. The businessman nevertheless extends his hand to UEFA to find a solution. “If we come to an agreement with UEFA, we would start next season. Or in 2022/23. We are getting closer to all the parties concerned, ”he concludes in his interview.

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