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Stéphane Guy and the affront to Qatar of Mbappé

The famous journalist evokes an affront to Qatar made by the striker of PSG Kylian Mbappé.

Decidedly, this is not the period of Kylian Mbappé. Author of a mediocre match against Switzerland during the elimination of the Blues from Euro 2020, followed by a fierce clash between his family and the Rabiot clan, the Bondynois is currently sailing in troubled waters, he is accused also to pass his club of PSG and incidentally, the Qatari decision-makers, for doormats. Indeed, his refusal to extend to PSG, while his lease expires in 2022, comes at a critical moment for Doha, just before the World Cup scheduled in Qatar.

“It’s circus football in all its glory! “

A snub that Stéphane Guy did not fail to mention, who evokes a circus, but above all, an affront. “There is a very important issue for Paris Saint-Germain and for Qatar in particular, it is the 2022 World Cup. Losing Kylian Mbappé three months before would be a cataclysm for Qatar. If they want Ramos etc, it is because they are preparing a fireworks display. But at the same time we are told, without laughing, that Leonardo would be weakened because he can not sell and that PSG would have the obligation to sell 60 million euros of players. It’s circus football in all its glory! », Analyzes the consultant who went through Canal +.

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