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Snubbed by OM, he makes an appeal

Courted assiduously by Olympique de Marseille in the past, this defender has not joined the Marseille club, but does not despair.

Notorious supporter of PSG, Fabien Centonze would nevertheless see himself well at Olympique de Marseille. The Marseille club coveted him some time ago, but has since set their sights on Pol Lirola. At the microphone of Canal +, Centonze launched an unequivocal appeal to OM, saying he is honored and above all ready to join La Canebière if the opportunity arises in the future.

“If there is an opportunity …”

“Marseille took an interest in me, they got in touch with my agent. I told my agent to come and see me only if it was really concrete, I didn’t want it to work on me. I do not want to go into all this if there is no concrete. There was no concrete offer. Of course, that’s flattering. It’s still a big team, one of the biggest clubs in France. I was proud that a club like Marseille was interested in me. I am 25 years old, I want to know everything in my career, I have big goals, I want to know the European Cups, the Europa League and the Champions League, maybe the World Cup and the selection. There are surely some things that I will not be able to achieve. But if I made so many sacrifices, it’s to push it even furthernot. If there is an opportunity next year, we will sit around the table and think about whether it allows me to evolve in my progress “. A call of the foot in due form.

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