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Sergio Ramos in Seville, it’s far from done

The return of Sergio Ramos to Sevilla FC is still anything but complete.

While we thought a comeback was about to materialize, it seems that there is no progress for the transfer of Sergio Ramos to Sevilla FC. Monchi, the sporting director of the Andalusian club, has just indicated that nothing is being done in this regard. “Sergio Ramos is a Real Madrid player. I think he is now in talks to continue in Madrid and I can only say this, ”he told Sky Sports.

Ramos in uncertainty

Ramos went through the Sevilla training center before joining Real Madrid in 2005, where he became a true legend. For a long time it was believed that he would end his career with the Castilian team, but fate decided otherwise as the discussions for a contract extension have given absolutely nothing. No Real, nor Sevilla, the Spanish international therefore remains in expectation and far from being fixed on his future.

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