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Seedorf’s solution to combat racism

Former Batavian international Clarnce Seedorf unveils his solution to combat racism.

Clarence Seedorf has proposed that referees give yellow cards to players who cover their mouths with their hands when addressing opponents on the pitch in order to avoid racist slurs.

The Seedorf solution, an unprecedented solution

In recent weeks and months, there have been a series of high-profile racist incidents such as the one allegedly suffered by Valencian defender Mouctar Diakhaby, and the former Real Madrid midfielder believes his proposal will prevent players from make racist remarks.

“We cannot cover our mouths if we are talking to a rival, that should be a yellow card,” Seedorf said during the ‘Dialogue against Racism and Hate Speech in Sporting Events’, organized by the European Council .

“There are players talking to each other and we’ve seen racist situations in recent weeks. We can take action against that by banning {covering mouth}.”

A microphone for the referees

Before Seedorf’s proposal, French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu said she supported the idea of ​​giving referees a small microphone to hear what is being said on the pitch, as is the case in rugby.

Seedorf added that the long-term solution to racism is through education. “Long-term education is the only tool in the fight against racism,” he said.

Michele Uva, UEFA director of football and social responsibility, echoed Seedorf’s statement on the importance of education. “Racism and hate speech are deeply rooted in our society; education is a fundamental tool of our strategy,” he said.

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