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Ronaldo humiliated, a Coca Cola ad resurfaces

Embarrassing moment for Cristiano Ronaldo: an old advertisement for Coca-Cola resurfaces.

A gesture that had caused Coca-Cola to lose 3.3 billion dollars. By pushing aside two Coke bottles in front of him and replacing them with water at a recent press conference, Cr7 had significantly reduced the brand’s share on the stock market. A gesture hailed in particular by the French media for having perhaps done more for public health than all the prevention campaigns of the last 5 years in Europe.

“Agua, not Coca-Cola”

It was all well and good, especially for the image of a Cr7 opposing big brands by working for a healthier lifestyle. Except that‘Juventus striker, who has repeatedly expressed his aversion to soft drinks, had, in 2006, himself starred in a Japanese Coca Cola advertisement for the World Cup in Germany. In this famous spot unearthed by the English media, we can see Ronaldo doing a few tricks with a balloon with the help of a refrigerator and several cans of Coca Cola. Like what, the Coke, it should not be shaken too much. It’s a blow to get splashed.

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