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Reason for Erling Haaland’s autograph for referee revealed

The scene had made a lot of noise after Manchester City – Dortmund, but it is ultimately for a good cause.

At the time of being questioned on this funny scene, Pep Guardiola had preferred to take it with a smile.

“They told me – I haven’t seen him, Guardiola had said at a press conference about the autograph request. Maybe he’s a Haaland fan so why not? ‘was for his son and daughter. I’ve never seen him before but they did a great job. “

Now, made aware of the reason why one of Manchester City’s assistant referees – Borussia Dortmund asked for an autograph from Erling Haaland, the Citizens boss may want to make a contribution with an autograph of his go.

Indeed, if some saw a lack of professionalism on the part of Octavian Sovre, FIFA referee for 17 years, it was ultimately not a desire for a groupie that took the Romanian referee. No, the autograph was not intended for his son or daughter as Guardiola had tried to guess on Tuesday evening, but for a good cause.

Indeed, Sovre has collected lots of memories from football personalities for five years. The goal ? Then organize auctions to financially help a therapy center for people with severe forms of autism in Romania.

Asked by the local newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor, the president of the association in charge of the center insisted on dotting the “i’s” and clearing up any misunderstanding concerning the assistant referee.

“This autograph is for a noble cause,” explained Simona Zlibut, president of the SOS Autism Bihor association. Maybe people don’t know it, but Tavi (Sovre) is directly involved in supporting the association. has helped us a lot all these years. “

With Sovre’s good deed brought to light, the Romanian assistant referee may become the new darling of the European scene and bring back new treasures in the coming months.

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