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Real offers, Mbappé’s future … Leonardo reveals everything

The sports director of PSG spoke before the start of the Champions League on the case of his French star.

Announced on the departure during the last days of the transfer window, Kylian Mbappé finally remained at PSG. He will therefore perform the 2021/2022 season within the capital club. But, beyond this deadline, the mystery remains total concerning him. Will he extend with the Ile-de-France residents, or will he join the Merengue freely in the summer of 2022?

He does not see Mbappé elsewhere than at PSG

Leonardo, the sporting director, was asked about this during an interview with Canal +. For him, there is still no reason to think of a separation. In his mind, and that of his superiors, Mbappé is an integral part of the club’s long-term project. “I do not see him leaving at the end of the season, thundered the Brazilian. We never changed our goal. And Kylian’s relationship with Paris is deep. That’s why we don’t think about anything else. No one sees the PSG of the future without Kylian. How do I see PSG without him? We didn’t think about that. I don’t see him leaving. Because it represents a lot of things. And not because he’s French. It’s his way of being, everyone loves him. And the player is fabulous. And when we think of Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. It’s something we don’t want for just one year ”.

Paris has never been a seller

In August, following Real’s first approach, Leo had suggested that Paris was willing to sell Mbappé as long as an offer in line with his value arrived on the table. Today, he says it was a bluff. “That Mbappé stayed at PSG is the only thing that could happen. We never thought of doing all of this without Kylian. And then, you can’t prepare for a new season for 2.3 months and last week change your plans like that, ”he said.

Real’s offer did not exceed € 145m

And as regards the marilene offers, they did exist but never reached the amounts mentioned in the press. “You know the story, honestly we were not happy with the behavior of Real. We have reached the last week of the transfer window and they have started negotiations for the best player in the world. It created a situation that we didn’t like. But we were clear about the offer they made. It was not sufficient for what we wanted. It was less than what we paid. And the last offer they talked about never came ”.

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