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Real Madrid’s official store gets rid of Ramos

A sign that does not deceive. The official Real Madrid player got rid of the Sergio Ramos jerseys.

With just over two weeks before Sergio Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid expires, another twist has been added to the ongoing contract dispute between the defender and the club.

The club captain did not appear in the official presentation of Real Madrid’s new shirt for next season.

He was not present the day the photoshoot and videos were taken with Adidas at the facilities in Valdebebas. Ramos does not even appear on the advertising banner installed above the club shop in the Spanish capital, as reported by the media AS.

Five players are included: Benzema, the third captain, occupies the central position. To his left, Modric and Casemiro.

On the right, Asensio and Kroos. Neither Marcelo nor Varane, respectively second and fourth captains, appear. This is the complete opposite of the banner that was installed last November, where the three captains of the men’s team appeared alongside the two captains of the women’s team. There are no images of Ramos inside the club shop.

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The club’s website actually includes the veteran defender. There you can see all the players who played during the 2020/21 season posing with the new jersey. Ramos is still part of the ongoing showdown for the duration of his contract with Real Madrid.

He wants a minimum two-year lease, but Los Blancos are only offering him one season.

Sergio Ramos joined Madrid in the summer of 2005, just as the transfer window was about to close. Since then he has become one of the greats in the club’s history, being the captain who won three consecutive Champions League titles from 2016 to 2018. He is only three weeks away from the end of his contract with Real Madrid.

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