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Real Madrid v Barça, Sergio Ramos: “Messi prevented us from winning more titles”

Absent for the Clasico this weekend, Sergio Ramos returned to these shocks against Barça in his documentary on Amazon Prime.

Without Varane and Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid delivered a high-level performance defensively against Liverpool on Tuesday night. Despite the Reds’ offensive armada, Zinedine Zidane’s men only faltered once, leaving a bit of spice in the second leg in a week’s time.

Injured during the rally with the Spanish selection after having already missed many weeks, Sergio Ramos therefore lived this quarter-final far from his partners. Announced absent for a month, the Madrid captain will not be dressed either on Saturday evening to receive FC Barcelona.

In the title race with Atlético Madrid and their lifelong rivals, Real Madrid know they have no room for error if they don’t want the Blaugrana to take them five points ahead. With Ramos on the flank, this next Clasico will lack a bit of crispness as the Spain international has been a central piece of these clashes for a decade. In the good way as in the bad way.

In his documentary broadcast on Amazon Prime, the 2010 world champion returned to the stormy encounters against Barça and some of his teammates with La Roja such as Pique, Busquets or even Xavi.

“We didn’t win a lot, also because there was a tension generated by them or by us. I think that’s where we all made mistakes and luckily we were at a mature age. We fixed that and fought for a unique national team. “

The egos and club quarrels left aside in the selection, Sergio Ramos was able to build a track record. Because before experiencing success with Real Madrid and in particular these four Champions League including three in a row, the Madrilenian had to be content with the remains left by the Blaugrana during the second part of the 2000s and the first of the 2010s.

“We suffered from Messi during that time. Probably if Barcelona hadn’t had him and if we hadn’t had him in front of us, I think we would have won more titles. With Barca de Guardiola , we faced the best Barcelona in history. “

Words so strong coming out of the mouth of a Real Madrid player make it possible to realize what Barça was at the time …

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