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Real Madrid, towards a revolution in the club’s organizational chart?

Real Madrid have announced the convening of the presidential elections for the period 2021-25. Florentino Perez is currently the only candidate.

Real Madrid have called for elections for the club’s presidency. He did so this Thursday, giving the news through an official statement:

“The president, after hearing the board of directors held today, and in accordance with article 38 section b of the statutes of Real Madrid CF, asked the electoral council to start the procedure for calling the elections for the presidency and the board of directors. “

The election of the president and the board of directors will be for the period 2021-2025, that is to say for the next four years. The elections, in principle, would be held at the end of June, although there is still no official date.

Today, the only candidate for the presidency is Florentino Pérez. Will he have a rival? The doubt persists for the moment since no candidate has declared himself. A few months ago Enrique Riquelme and Vicente Boluda had announced that they wanted to stand against Perez before finally abandoning their project of candidatures.

Perez, the president without rival

The elections to be held during the summer will be the first for Real Madrid in fifteen years. Indeed, after his first term (2000-2006), Florentino Perez had seen Ramon Calderon steal his seat in 2006. After three years of presidency, he had to resign and it was finally Perez who had returned to the helm of the club, being the only candidate at this time.

Returning in 2009, he has not since been questioned and has never had to face any competitors for the presidency. Has he left for a third term? Answer in a few weeks.

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