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Real Madrid ready to steal an OM target

Engaged in negotiations with Flamengo and Gerson, OM must face the arrival of new contenders.

OM thought they had a hollow nose and especially to have been the fastest in the file. By positioning itself quickly on Gerson (24), the French club had wanted to take the competition to afford one of the promising young talents of Brazilian football. With Jorge Sampaoli who recently coached in Brazil, the Marseille leaders had a personal supervisor and closest to judge the level of Gerson.

Yes, but here it is, the various phone calls from Sampaoli and Pablo Longoria to the young left-hander did not make it possible to reach a total agreement, either salary or financial, with Flamengo. Aware of having a gem in its workforce, the Brazilian club asks between 23 and 25 million euros (plus bonus) as well as a percentage on resale. Points of disagreement between Marseillais and Brazilians which could well serve the interests of other European clubs.

While OM is skating and must face many intermediaries trying to graft themselves into the operation as reported by La Provence, Atlético Madrid would also have positioned themselves on Gerson in recent days.

Moreover, it seems that the latter is popular in the Spanish capital since ESPN ensures that Real Madrid entered the race. The Brazilian middle clan would even be expected in the coming days in order to begin concrete discussions.

With Vinicius, Rodrygo or Reynier, Real Madrid has recently shown its interest in young Brazilian nuggets. Gerson, despite his 24 years, is one and it is not to facilitate the task of OM.

With limited means, the Marseille club knows that it will not be able to compete with the two Spanish giants who can also be used as a leverage to raise the stakes. It is up to Longoria to spend the second before seeing politeness burned out or paying a high price …

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