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Real Madrid, Ramos reveals the treachery of Perez

Segio Ramos unboxes everything and explains why he finally left Real Madrid.

Real Madrid have a problem with their legends. Recent illustration with the departure of Zinedine Zidane and even more significant example with the departure of Sergio Ramos. Announced close to PSG, the Andalusian defender did not leave Madrid with a gaiety of heart. This is what he confided in a press conference on Thursday, in remarks relayed by Goal. Ramos unpacked Florentino Perez’s ploy to get rid of him and his consequent salary, despite his legendary status with 22 titles gleaned under the white jersey.

“My first choice was to stay. I got a one year offer with a pay cut. Money was not a problem, I wanted a 2 year contract for myself and my family. I finally accepted the one-year offer, but the club informed me that the offer was no longer on the table. I’ve never been told before it’s a perishable offer. An accomplished businessman, Perez knew exactly what he was doing with this offer. It’s up to Ramos to dry his tears. Why not at PSG?

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