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Real Madrid – Liverpool (3-1), A personal problem of the referee with Mané? Klopp strongly believes in it!

Jurgen Klopp believes that the referee’s performance was not up to Real – Liverpool, especially on the non-whistled penalty for Mané.

To say that Jurgen Klopp was furious after the meeting against Real Madrid is an understatement. The Liverpool coach did not mince his words when talking about the performance of the refereeing body and in particular of Mr Brych.

For the coach of the Reds, the decision of his compatriot not to whistle a foul on Mané in the box just before the Madrilenians made the break was a turning point in the match but also for his striker.

And while the Liverpool boss admitted officials weren’t the reason for his side’s defeat, he used his post-match press conference to reveal what he said to the referee at the final whistle at the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium.

The former Borussia Dortmund coach told reporters “The situation with Sadio, I have to say what the referee did tonight, I don’t understand. For me, it was something personal, because he handled the situation with Sadio, which is a clear fault, like it was a dive or something like that.

“And from that point on, every time Sadio fell, he couldn’t get anything anymore. It’s just not correct.”

“That’s what I told him after the game, that I just thought he was unfair to Sadio, and that’s how it is.”

“It doesn’t change a thing at all. He wasn’t the one who made us lose the game, we weren’t good enough, but in those times you just need a good referee. sufficient. “

Like its season in the Premier League, Liverpool sank into the Madrid den because of defensive errors and individual performances not up to the occasion. Much better in the second half when Real Madrid had already made the break, the Reds can hang on to the sweet hope of a qualification thanks to the achievement of Mohamed Salah on the outside even if Alisson came to partly ruin this dream with a fault of hand on the double of Vinicius. Evaluating the match, Klopp was fatalistic

“First and foremost, we didn’t deserve to win tonight, to be honest. We didn’t play well enough for that. That’s my number one concern. Especially in the first half, we didn’t play well enough for that. not played football well enough. “

“We scored a goal, which is obviously the bright spot of the night. Did we deserve more than the 3-1? I’m not sure I’m being honest.”

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