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Real Madrid, Kroos: “A 5th Champions League? We will have to suffer for that”

The German midfielder is wary of the Blues but trusts his team to reach the C1 final.

Real Madrid are never satisfied and even less when it comes to the Champions League. The Merengues have won three of the last five Champions League, four in the last decade, and yet they are in the race to win another one. Real Madrid will try this Wednesday evening to afford a ticket for a new European final, but for that, it will be necessary to pass the obstacle Chelsea. At a press conference, Toni Kroos refused to put the cart before the horse.

Real Madrid – Raphaël Varane package against Chelsea and absent for 10 days

“A 5th Champions League in the sights? Before we win anything, we will have to suffer, that’s for sure. Of course, we know that the year was not easy, but we did well. come out despite the many injuries. It’s May and we’re still in the race for two titles. A lot of people are talking about being tired or injured, that’s okay, but it’s a unique game, we’ll give it our all“, explained the German.

“There is no doubt that we will be motivated, that we will give everything and see what quality to be able to go to the final. We defend well too, it is important to eliminate a team like that. We will have to create ourselves a bit. more chances than the first leg, but we are capable of it. How to avoid suffering as in the first half hour? This time we were not in a hurry, it is difficult to play like that because it is what they want, they benefit from their acceleration. Later, we were able to manage it better. We were more compact and with the ball“, added Toni Kroos.

“Hazard is a player for these kinds of matches”

Eden Hazard Mason Mount Real Madrid Chelsea GFX

The Real Madrid midfielder did not want to take out a Chelsea player to watch more than the others: “In 15 years of football, no player has ever stopped me from sleeping … They have a German coach, so I’m not surprised, they’re a great team. Without it you won’t reach the semi-finals, but we have quality and experience in these matches. I can see us very well, we have recovered players, with the exception of Varane who we lost. Everyone who comes is there to play and run, to fight … to be there until the end. It is important that we put quality, not just physical “.

Tuchel wary of Real Madrid

Toni Kroos is hopeful that Eden Hazard, who has been injured many times since signing for Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, will shine against his former club, Chelsea, on Wednesday night: “It’s a shame he couldn’t show it earlier because of injuries, he’s doing a little better physically, he’s a player for these games. He started in the last game, it’s not a lot, but for the opposing defense, he will be dangerous “.

Asked about the importance of Sergio Ramos, who could make his comeback against Chelsea, the Germany international paid tribute to him: “There is nothing more to say with him… He has proven for many years and in games like these how important he is, there is no doubt about it.” Finally, Toni Kroos had to answer a question regarding the future of Zinedine Zidane, whom he sees staying next season: “Is Zidane going to stay? I believe so. If I’m well informed, he still has a year on his contract, so I think so (laughs)”

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