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Real Madrid: José Mourinho madly in love with Karim Benzema

New coach of AS Roma, José Mourinho makes a true declaration of love to Karim Benzema who will play in a few days the Euro 2020 with the France team.

José Mourinho and Karim Benzema met at Real Madrid during the Special One’s visit to the Spanish capital between 2010 and 2013. In his column for The Sun, the coach praised the Real Madrid striker: “The best compliment you can give Karim Benzema is that Cristiano Ronaldo was in love with him at Real Madrid. And for Cristiano, being in love with another striker means he’s doing a lot for Cristiano. And Karim does a lot for every striker who plays around him. Karim is probably the only number 9 I know who is not selfish in his game. His vision of the game is amazing, the way he likes to play football is to evolve a lot of freedom. The way Karim interacts with other players is fantastic. He is aging but his body seems to be getting younger. He really takes care of himself. His life has changed a lot compared to his younger years. He is a fantastic professional.

Karim Benzema finally back in blue during this Euro will be keen to shine in order to make up for lost time.

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