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Real Madrid – Iker Casillas takes a stand in favor of Zinédine Zidane

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper believes that the French coach does not deserve to be criticized, so much he has done for the club in recent years.

Spanish champion last season with Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane is not sure to repeat the feat in 2021. Pointing to two Atlético units with one day remaining, the White House is in an uncomfortable position and does not have its fate in its hands. Unlike the French coach, who decided to leave this summer.

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In recent months, the one who had been dubbed by Madrid fans for his historic success in the Champions League, has been at the heart of criticism. In Madrid, it is estimated that Zinédine Zidane is no longer the man for the job to restore the team to its former glory, while the next transfer window will be under the sign of reconstruction.

“We’ll see if the odds change on our side”

Nonetheless, a former club glory disagrees. Indeed, Iker Casillas, former emblematic Real Madrid goalkeeper, where he played for many years with Zinédine Zidane, believes that the criticisms aimed at him are unfair. “Zidane cannot be faulted for. What he has accomplished is incredible. It is within the reach of very few people, if not one. We cannot criticize him in the slightest.”, confided the Spaniard, who has just celebrated his 40th birthday, interviewed by Radio Marca.

Iker Casillas hopes that the odds will turn in favor of Real, during a final day which promises to be unbreathable. “The end of La Liga will be very exciting, everyone would have signed to get to the last day with so much suspense, with all this tension, although I would have preferred Real Madrid to be ahead. Hopefully Valladolid helps us to win. We depend on them, and they too play a lot. We’ll see if the odds change in our side “, said the former club goalkeeper.

Finally, he was reassuring about his state of health. “I am doing very well. Since the accident I suffered two years ago, I have recovered, I have put this moment behind me and I am now looking into the future with energy.” Wonderful news for the man who had been forced to end his career at FC Porto.

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