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Real Madrid: for Hermel, “Zidane will leave 99%”

Special correspondent in Spain for the radio “RMC”, Fred Hermel knows Zinedine Zidane well and gives his expertise on the potential departure of the French coach at the end of the season.

“I find it hard to think that Zidane announces his departure to the players with three games remaining, with a title to conquer! The media are doing this to create a buzz. However, we feel the end of the cycle, he will leave the club without drama! All of Zidane’s statements support his departure. I am sure he will be 99% gone. But it will not only be his personal decision, it is also because the leaders no longer want him. They want to do another project without him. Zidane is tired, he wants something else. He knows that his management wanted to fire him three times this season. Zidane didn’t appreciate it, he suffered. As soon as Real have lost La Liga, there will be a press release to announce the departure of Zizou… ” He said on the radio.

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