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Real Madrid: Florentino Pérez puts an end to the suspense, “Ronaldo will not return”

A time announced close to a return to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo does not “Will never come back” according to the owner of the Merengues.

Guest on the show El Chiringuito Last night, Real Madrid boss Florentino Pérez gave his take on the European Super League, which the Merengues have agreed to join as a founding club. But between two questions on the hot file of the moment, he also lingered on the transfer window of Real Madrid, another soap opera that promises to be exciting in the coming weeks.

“The supporters stop me in the street, despite the fact that I am wearing a mask, and say: ‘President, go get Mbappé!’. What should I answer? Slowly. Madrid needs a change. We won a lot and as long as we won we couldn’t change, but now a lot has happened and we need a boost, we have to get that lost urge back. This is what I work for. I won’t say anything more to the fans. Cristiano Ronaldo? He will not return because he has a contract with Juve. I like him a lot but it doesn’t make sense that he comes back. I also really like Sergio Ramos, but in Madrid we are going through a very bad economic situation and you have to be realistic: things are bad for everyone. I didn’t say he wouldn’t stay, absolutely not. Let’s finish the season and then we’ll see. Vinicius Jr is not for sale and we will not touch him. We will not accept any exchanges for it. “

In two steps three movements, the president of Real Madrid swept the rumor around an exchange between Vinicius Jr and Kylian Mbappé or that of a return of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Spanish capital.

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