Home Club news Real Madrid: "Disappointed, yes. Sunk, never!" Captain Ramos boosts the troops

Real Madrid: “Disappointed, yes. Sunk, never!” Captain Ramos boosts the troops

Back on the pitch last night with Real Madrid in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League, Sergio Ramos is obviously very disappointed after the elimination against Chelsea. Despite everything as a good captain, the Spaniard will never let go.

After the meeting, the central defender from Madrid sent a real message of support to his partners and re-mobilized the group which is still in the race for the title of champion of Spain. Ramos is disappointed but far from defeated. “Disappointed, yes. Sunk, never. The history of Real Madrid has been forged through victories, but the club has always recovered from its defeats. We still have my La Liga to play and we will fight to win it. Hala Madrid, “ the Spaniard tweeted. The tone is set. Sunday, the Merengues receive Sevilla FC in a real shock of La Liga.

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