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Real Madrid – Dani Ceballos: “My expectations are clear: to move to a club”

The 24-year-old is fed up with being on loan and not being able to project himself. He fully intends to be fixed on his personal future this summer.

Despite two consecutive loans to Arsenal, Dani Ceballos will return to Real Madrid this summer. One more time. Constantly uncertain about his personal future, the Spanish midfielder is tired of this situation. Now 24 years old, it is now time to be definitively fixed, in Madrid or elsewhere.

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“It is true that I have a contract with Real Madrid for the next two years and I would not want to leave on loan at another club. With the experience of the last two years, I am a player who needs feel important, I would like to start early next year and feel important, but settling in. So it’s important for the future to know what you want to do “, said the Spaniard, Friday, in an interview with the show “El Pelotazo”.

“Move to a club, feel important and enjoy”

“I think a player is at his best when he is completely happy and for that he has to be 100% focused on his club. Even though I fight during the season for the goals of the following season, at Arsenal j ‘ve had the opportunity to do this for two years, I think my time has come, to take the firm step to stay or to leave transferred “, then added Dani Ceballos, determined. The now ex-Arsenal player ultimately asks only one thing: to play regularly.

“I am 24 years old, I am a very young player, with a lot of future ahead of me, and the truth is that my expectations are clear: to move to a club, to feel important and to enjoy football”, he hammered. Will Zinédine Zidane’s departure be a boon for him? Not necessarily, warns Dani Ceballos, lucid.

“It’s true that with Zizou I had fewer opportunities than expected, but now that Real Madrid are without a coach, we don’t know what will happen in two or three weeks, we are talking about a lot of things and I think now it’s time to disconnect a bit from football, to prepare well for what is going to happen and when Madrid have their next coach, we will talk and see what we want, it will be the time to decide on the future “, he insisted. It’s up to him to prove himself.

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