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Real Madrid – Barça, Benzema sees in Messi “the one who does everything for Barcelona”

Three days before the Clasico, Benzema gave his feelings on this shock against Barça and Lionel Messi as well as on the final sprint in La Liga.

Three teams in three points and not the least. The race for the Spanish league title has not been so intense for a long time with all three of La Liga stars in the leading roles. If Atlético Madrid has been in the lead from the start, the Colchoneros have been blaming it for a few matches and especially seeing Barça and Real Madrid coming back for weeks and putting pressure on them.

While Thomas Lemar’s teammates will move on the Real Betis lawn, the other two rivals will get out of the way in Madrid on Saturday for the second Clasico of the season. A match that could redistribute the cards at the top of the standings or put a stop to one of the two teams.

Never being a match like any other, the duel between Real and Barça has a whole new meaning this season. In case of defeat, the Merengue would be relegated to five lengths of their opponent of the day while there will be only seven days behind.

“It will be a difficult match, against a team that likes to have the ball, just like us, and it will be played in the middle of the field, like in the first leg, we will go and win because it is a final for us”, said Karim Benzema for La Liga on the sidelines of this shock.

Winner of Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid therefore advance against Barça with full confidence and despite the absence of Varane and Sergio Ramos in central defense. Like every season, the duel between the two Spanish giants will be observed around the world, and it is inevitably the occasion to shine.

With 18 goals since the start of the season, Benzema confirms that he has Madrid’s number 1 offensive poison and will be keen to win his duel against Lionel Messi, current top scorer in La Liga (23 goals) and jack of all trades ( good) to do for the former Lyonnais.

“It’s the best game in the world. Not only for me, but for everyone, because they’re two teams with a lot of history, it’s still a very important game.”

“They still have possession, they have a good goalkeeper and Messi, the player who does everything for Barcelona. We have to be careful because he is very dangerous.”

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