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Real had a plan for Mbappé

In order to give themselves the best chances of attracting the French striker to their squad, Real Madrid thought of enlisting Mauricio Pochettino.

Real Madrid have been managed for a few weeks by Carlo Ancelotti. Merengue officials have bet on their former coach. But, before that, other options had been explored. According to the Parisian, they had seriously considered offering the reins of the first team to Mauricio Pochettino. The latter being under contract with PSG, this plan proved to be impossible to implement.

Mbappé warned Pochettino that he was staying

Real’s idea was to install the Argentine coach on the bench, in order to then be able to attract Kylian Mbappé into the workforce. Florentino Pérez, the boss of Casa Blanca, is not unaware of the good relationship that has existed between the two men since they worked together and that is why he sought to reunite them in Madrid. But between wanting and being able, the gap was huge.

Now, everything suggests that Pochettino and Mbappé will continue to make the heyday of PSG. The French international is eager to find the coach who is behind his dazzling awakening during the second part of the season. He also took the trouble to contact him in person to warn him that he was staying in Paris for an additional season.. “Poch” is even the only club member to have had this privilege.

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