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Raiola tackles Manchester United in the throat

The famous player’s agent still has a grudge against Manchester United and his legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Erling Haaland is currently one of the hottest players in football and his agent Mino Raiola has discussed the Norwegian’s future options.

In Raiola’s opinion, Haaland is perfectly capable of winning in any club and any competition in the world, having already proven his worth in C1 as well as in the Bundesliga.

“With Haaland, everyone was wrong and he got things done a lot faster than everyone imagined,” the celebrity representative said in an interview with The Athletic.

“Haaland is ahead of his own development. He is ahead of his own schedule. Maybe I was too careful when I said ‘let’s go to Dortmund instead of I don’t know where’, added Raiola.

“I am 100% convinced – and everyone is certain – that this boy can go to any club. Wherever he wants, already at this level.

“He could have done it last year, but maybe last year there were still teams that were like ‘Oh he was at Red Bull, can he do it at another club? “

“He’s faster than his own prediction. So yes, Haaland is the topic of everyone’s conversation.”

Raiola, however, had a warning for Manchester United, one of the clubs associated with Haaland in the media, saying he wouldn’t lose sleep if he never brought a player back to Old Trafford again.

“When Ferguson criticized me it was the biggest compliment anyone can give me,” he said.

“Ferguson is used to people coming in and saying ‘yes sir’.

“All I have to say is that when Ferguson left Manchester United the club owner, in buying Paul Pogba, told me I was right. I didn’t want to take Pogba away. It was Ferguson who didn’t believe in Pogba.

“So when Ferguson says ‘I don’t like him’ that’s the biggest compliment I could get. It’s like saying Sepp Blatter says ‘I don’t like him’. Fantastic. I don’t care. from what Ferguson is saying.

“As for Guardiola, I closed the chapter a long time ago. Everyone knows what I think about him personally and he can say what he thinks about me personally. I think he’s a great coach and that’s how it is.

“I will not be silent about anyone. I will give my opinion. I think it’s my right.

“With Ferguson or Guardiola I have this problem, and I think it’s changing now, that they think we should go through it because” otherwise, tomorrow you don’t make a player with Manchester United “.

“I don’t care if I never make another player with Manchester United. I’m not in their hands. I’m independent.”

“We only have one party to deal with: our players. As long as our players love us, you do what you have to do.”

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